As a specialist engineering company, the cornerstone of our business approach and investment is in research and development (R&D), together with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that we are always offering the best possible service and products at a competitive price. Our vast experience in all aspects of the commercial engineering industry allows us to not only mass produce engineered items, but also to focus on offering our clients a truly bespoke service – from research, development and design all the way through to delivery. It’s this commitment, combined with our cultural ability to offer the personal touch whilst still maintaining the capability and capacity to manage large-scale projects that has earned us the reputation that matches our name. Welcome to Specialized.


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Specialized Cutting




Using the latest cutting techniques and equipment, Specialized guarantees precision and exceptional quality…



Specialized Engineering & Fabrication




Continually investing in R&D, equipment and design expertise, Specialized is committed to offering our clients a truly bespoke service and superior products…




As leading engineers in our sector with an intricate understanding of what makes a winning team, Specialized Motorsports is attracting drivers from across the UK…


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Whether mass production or individual refined bespoke work, we are not interested in an impersonal client relationship. Our service is personal. Our service is Specialized.

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Underpinning everything that we do is an unwavering commitment to Safety. It’s the first consideration in our Research & Development and it remains central to all our engineering processes.

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